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Pharmaceutical, Cigars and Cigarettes, Packaged Media (DVDs and CDs), Candy, and maybe a hundred more industries all share one common trait: After they manufacture, they package for distribution and retail. These products are manufactured for the consumer market in million-unit quantities, and the machines which package them represent an engineering specialty all its own.

About the Company

Founded ninety years ago, Scandia Packaging Machinery Company leads the world in the development and manufacture of high-speed Overwrapping systems that automatically pack products into distribution and retail packages. In 1993, Scandia merged Container Equipment Company, also know as CECO, into their operation, thereby adding 40 years of cartoning machinery design and manufacture to the company. Scandia is a third generation family-owned business, headed by President Wilhelm Bronander III. Scandia's headquarters and manufacturing location in Fairfield, New Jersey, and a number of field sales and support people around the world.

Scandia has been responsible for developing three fundamental principles of high-speed overwrapping: single-level package flow, continuous rotary motion, and vertical material feed. These Scandia developments are now considered basic building blocks of packaging machinery design, and allow for the design of the high-speed packaging equipment needed to satisfy today's — and tomorrow's — consumer demand.

Scandia's people understand "packaging". Our engineering team has accumulated about 200 man-years of experience in packaging machinery design. Our average employee has been a Scandia team member for well over fifteen years. This stability and depth of experience mean our employees know the products and the customers. They stand ready, willing and able to deal with any issue — be it a configuration question, the replacement of a worn part or assembly, or a need for a total custom-designed packaging system.

Scandia maintains a huge spares inventory, and the company maintains the engineering drawings of every packaging machine it has ever built. If a customer needs a part for a machine built in 1922, Scandia has the drawings for the part, and for the whole machine. If the part is not in inventory, Scandia can manufacture it or fax the drawings to the customer to hand to a local jobber or machine shop. This is just one example of the phenomenal commitment Scandia makes to its products and its customers.


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