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Entertainment Media (CD, DVD and Electronic Games)
Scandia has been a leader in automated media packaging beginning with 8-track tape cartridges where we built the labeling, cartoning, and overwrapping systems. When audio cassette became the main carrier of pre-recorded music, Scandia was there with high speed box inserting machines and overwrappers. When CD’s replaced audio cassette, again Scandia was there with automated packaging solutions. We have the distinction of overwrapping the first CD’s ever packages in jewel cases!

Today, Entertainment Media covers a host of products including CD’s, DVD’s, software, and games. Scandia continues to work closely with the manufacturers and packaging innovators to provide automated packaging solutions.


Pharmaceutical  (Ethical and OTC)
Scandia has always been known in pharmaceutical as the source for high speed film bundling of cartons where speeds can run from 240 cartons/minute to over 600 cartons/minute.  More recently, Scandia has provided  cartoning systems where flexibility, physical size and price are important considerations.  Major manufacturers and contact packagers have been quick to embrace our hand loadied and automatic load cartoners as well our small compact cartoners.


Health Care
The Healthcare Industry, like Pharmaceutical, has been, has been a long time user of Scandia film Overwrappers and Bundlers where high speeds are required  Overwrappers are used for product protection as well as an indicator of product tampering.  The Bundlers are offered in 5-sided and 6-sided configurations providing a unitized group for distribution purposed. 

Healthcare has also embraced Scandia’s Cartoners.  In addition to the Hand Load Cartoners, the Model 465, Continuous Motion Small Center for Tuck, Glue, conventional or 5th panel cartons; Model 460, full featured Compact Cartoner for slower speeds, and Model 470 Multipack Cartoner, are all popular choices.

Model 350


Tobacco packaging was and still is the largest user of Scandia overwrappers and cartoners.  Scandia’s first machines were for cigarette package overwrapping. The Series 700 Turret High Speed Overwrappers used in all other industries evolved from our work in this industry.

Besides cigarette overwrappers, Scandia supplies Cigar manufacturers with Cartoning and Overwrapping systems for 5, 25, and 50 count packages and Display -Tray packers for the same. Special tobacco related projects are also engineered.

Model 470


Scandia machines create the quality of overwraps required by this industry at low or high speeds. Flexibility and quick repeatable changeovers are characteristic of each machine.


Scandia has been the predominant supplier of high speed overwrappers to the confection industry since the 1950’s.  Applications range from box overwrappers to multipacks of stick gum and roll candy and even printed foil overwrap of jumbo stick gum packages and our role as the industry leader continues today.

Cartoners are also an important part of the confection packaging and with the merging of Container Equipment Company (CECO) into Scandia’s operations in 1993, Scandia continues to provide cartoning machines for trays and display packages.


Scandia Cartoners are used for secondary packaging in many food production facilities.  Products have included cheese, chicken parts, spices, food coloring, to name a few.



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