Product Guide

Overwrapping Machines for Individual Packages and Products
Model 350 Overwrapper/ Bundler for Short Run Wrapping, Banding and Bundling
Series 600 Overwrappers for Low Profile Packages
Series 700 Turret Overwrappers

Bundling and Multipacking Machines
Model 110/160 Film Bundler/ Multipacker for Speeds to 150 Units per Minute
Model 350/351 Film Bundler/ Multipacker for Speeds to 30 Units per Minute – Large Units
Model 520 Film Bundler/ Multipacker for Speeds to 25 Units per Minute
Model 805/806 Film or Paper Bundler for Speeds to 45 Units per Minute

Cartoning Machines
Model 406 Tray Forming from Vertically-Fed Flat Blank – where the product is the mandrel to form the tray around
Model 460 Compact Intermittent Motion Cartoner
Model 413 Cartoner Closer/ Sealer
Viking HLG Hand-Load Cartoner with 30 Degree Load Stations
Viking HLH Hand-Load Cartoner with Horizontal Load Stations
Model 470 Automatic Load, Intermittent Motion Cartoner for Multipacking
Model 465 High Speed Automatic Load Small Center Cartoner
Model 480 High Speed Automatic Load Large Center Cartoner
Model HAB Automatic Bottom Carton Erector
Model 470-T Tray Forming from Flat Blank with Automatic Loading. (Pick and Place Tray Blank Feeding)

Case Packing Machines
Model 470-CP Specialized Case Packing with Speeds up to 40 Cases/Minute

CECO Cartoners
Models 3901, 40, 42A+B, 50, 55 Scandia integrated CECO, aka. Container Equipment Corp., of Cedar Grove, NJ, into their operations in 1993. We are committed to providing support for all CECO machines.

Special Machines and Attachments
Rotary Leaflet Feeders



Industries Guide

Use this guide to match our products with your specific packaging needs. As you mouse over your industry below, the machines that are appropriate for your application will highlight on the left.

  • Entertainment Media
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Health Care
  • Tobacco
  • Cosmetics
  • Confectionary
  • Food
  • Paper & Office Products

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